Facebook Auto Reply quick installation guide

1. System requirements

Facebook Auto Reply is a web based application and it requires a web browser(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) to operate.
It is compatible with all existing browsers and operating systems.

System requirements:
- Your own website(Windows or Linux hosting) with the ability to create a cronjob. We DO NOT recommend free hosting plans.
- 1 available Mysql database
- PHP 4.0 or higher
- A valid Facebook account

On demand, we can install and configure the script on your domain for only 20$
Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

If you do not have your own website/server you can still use the script using our hosted version.
This means we will have to install a fresh copy of the script on our server and give you the login info.
The hosted version is 20$/year and the fee includes the first installation, script configuration and 1 year hosting.
Also, your license will be available if you will decide later to move the script on your website.
Please contact us if you are interested in this service.
2. Usage

Facebook Auto Reply is licensed for one domain.

- You must install the script on the domain you have specified after the purchase, in any folder or subdomain.
- DO NOT install it on localhost. It will not work.
- DO NOT install it under password protected folders on your domain. It will not work.
- DO NOT use free hosting services. In most of the cases, some basic functions are disabled and the script will not work.

3. Installation - uploading the files on your server/domain

1. Unzip the delivered package on your computer.
2. Using a FTP client (Filezilla, WinSCP) connect to your server.
3. On your domain, create a new folder or a subdomain. Upload the unziped files on your domain in the new folder/subdomain.
4. Change the permissions for "temp" folder to 777(chmod 777 temp).
5. Using Cpanel or your hosting admin interface, create a new database and a new database user.
6. Add the new database user to the new created database (grant all privileges).
7. On your server, go to phpmyadmin/db manager and import the sql file into the new created database: database/autoreply.sql
8. On your server, edit the file config/bdvars.php and change the database parameters (db name, db username, db password).
Save the file.

Admin panel access: www.yourdomain/installation-path/index.php
The default username and password for your account are: admin/adminpass
When you login for the first time, please access first the help section (Main Menu » User Guide » Help).

If you have issues with the installation please check the FAQ SECTION
4. Installation - cron jobs

To automatically reply to your fan page private messages and comments, you need to set up the cron jobs.

You must login into your web hosting account/cpanel and look for a section named "cron jobs" or "scheduled tasks".
Go into that section, and for each cron, create a new cron job and paste the cron job command.
The cron job commands can be found in Facebook Auto Reply admin panel "Administration" section.
5. Admin panel
After the installtion, please login and change your default login details.
The script is very easy to use and all settings are intuitive.
Please use the help section and also the help tooltips for all settings and features.
6. Password reset
If you lost your login details, you can use the "Forgot password" feature. The new password will be sent to your email address.
Do not forget to update your email address in "My Account" section!

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