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Facebook Auto Reply

Create Facebook autoresponder campaigns for your fan pages
Automatically reply to your fan page's messages and comments
Set campaigns to auto moderate the groups you admin
Unlimited Facebook accounts and autoresponder campaigns

Facebook Auto Reply - The Ultimate Facebook Autoresponder Script

With Facebook Auto Reply you can set Facebook autoresponder campaigns for all your FAN PAGES.
Once installed, you can set it to automatically respond to all your fan page's private messages and reply to user's comments.
The script runs in background and it works on auto-pilot 24x7, even when the computer is OFF.
Plus, you can build your own "Facebook" list and send unlimited private messages to your ALL subscribers.
All it takes is a comment or a page message for people to be added to your Facebook subscriber list.
Facebook Auto Reply operates using the latest Facebook API(currently v.2.12) and it is 100% TOS COMPATIBLE.

Why Facebook Auto Reply is the most advanced and complete autoresponder script on the market?
Below are the main features and benefits of the script:

» Auto reply to comments and send a personalized private message
Facebook Auto Reply can be configured to automatically reply to ALL COMMENTS, only for certain posts by ID or to reply only for specific KEYWORDS. The software works for REGULAR POSTS, DARK POSTS, EVENTS, VIDEOS, LIVE POSTS and Facebook ADS.
Optional, you can configure it to reply and send a private message only to users who TAG A FRIEND.

» Automatically reply to your fan page's private messages and increase the page response time and rate.
It is very flexible and it can be set to reply ONCE, IN SEQUENCE, in some HOURLY INTERVALS or to RUN CONTINUOUSLY.

» EXTRA features: HIDE, DELETE or AUTO LIKE the user's comment after posting the reply and sending the private message.
The option to reply to all time comments or only to comments posted after a certain date.

» PRIVATE MESSAGE SCHEDULER: Send bulk private messages to all users who commented on your fan pages.
In this way, you can send unlimited offers to all users interested in your services with 100% INBOX DELIVERY RATE.

» NO RESTRICTIONS: You can use UNLIMITED Facebook accounts, fan pages and autoresponder campaigns.

A Facebook fan page is very useful for your business and it can help you generate more traffic and leads.
But do you know that the reputation of your Facebook fan page is also very important?

If you are managing multiple Facebook fan pages, it is recommendable to reply to all comments and private messages as soon as possible to preserve a good relation with your audience. Otherwise, your potential clients can see directly on Facebook that your fan page has a low response rate. And this is harmful for your business.
With Facebook Auto Reply you can set autoresponder campaigns for all your Facebook fan pages.
Once you configure it, the script will automatically reply to anyone who contacts your fan page. You can set generic replies, vacation responses or instructions about when to be contacted.
Having an autoreply that encourages message senders to email you instead, will make sure the contact attempt will get through in a timely manner. Instead of monitoring new comments from multiple pages you can instruct the users to contact you by email or to visit your website. Facebook Auto Reply will save you a lot of time!

How Facebook Auto Reply will change your fan page look by having a high response rate?

A fan page with HIGH response rate:
A fan page with LOW response rate:

How Facebook Auto Reply Works

Why you should use Facebook Auto Reply to create autoresponders for your Facebook fan pages:

100% compatible with Facebook Terms Of Use - the script operates with the functions provided by Facebook API
EASY TO USE - the user interface is user friendly, very well structured and it can be used by anyone
Facebook Auto Reply runs in background and works 24x7, even when your computer is OFF
The admin login account is unique so your Facebook sensitive data is safe and not stored in a shared database
You can set autoresponders for all your Facebook fan pages and you can use unlimited Facebook accounts
The script can reply for any type of post: ads, regular posts, links, images, photo albums, events and videos
You can set the autoresponders to reply to comments, to page posts or to private messages(once or in sequence)
The script will REPLY and SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE to each user who comments on your fan page
You can configure it to reply and send a private message only to users who TAG A FRIEND.
DELETE THE COMMENT after the script sends the custom private message
Reply then HIDE THE COMMENT and make it visible only for the user who commented on the post
You can set the script to AUTO LIKE the user's comment before sending the auto reply
CREATE YOUR FACEBOOK LIST: The application can send bulk message to your pages messenger leads
FOLLOW-UP CAMPAIGNS: you can set scheduled PM campaigns and send custom private messages to all users
Create FOLLOW-UP CAMPAIGNS only for users who commented on a certain post(by ID)
100% INBOX DELIVERY RATE for all automated private messages and follow-up campaigns
The campaigns can be set to reply to comments for SPECIFIC POSTS or to ALL POSTS
The campaigns can be configured to reply only for a list of KEYWORDS
You can set the campaigns to auto reply only in some HOURLY INTERVALS or to RUN CONTINUOUSLY
To personalize the reply, you can use TAGS: USER'S NAME, DATE, KEYWORD, LINK, NUMBER, DAY, MONTH, etc
Configure if the script will reply to all time posts/comments or only to those published after a certain date
Optional, you can set the autoresponder campaign to run in the future
The predefined messages can contain text, links to external websites and image attachments
The replies that contain links will generate the image thumbnail and the videos can be embedded in the reply
The script will auto reply with your fan page name in maximum 3 minutes after the message is received
To diversify the predefined messages or replies, the script supports SPINTAX
Multi-level(sequence) replies: for any new received PM, the script will send the next saved message
Each message list can contain unlimited messages and the script will send it randomly
Multiple message lists. You can add the messages one by one or import bulk messages from TXT and CSV files
Advanced settings: second level replies, reply only once or multiple times for the same user
The ability to see which private messages have been replied and go directly to the Facebook conversation
For each Facebook account, all fan pages are automatically imported by the script
Export in CSV file the comments and the Facebook users who commented on your fan pages
Replying to all your messages in less than 3 minutes will increase your fan page response time and rate
Instead of monitoring multiple fan pages you can save a lot of time and instruct the users to contact you by email
Multi-language support: the script supports UTF8 it works with any language or charset
Full emoji support: you can use any emoji or emoticons in your replies and private messages
No limitations: you can use UNLIMITED Facebook accounts, fan pages and autoresponder campaigns
One time fee, no monthly or annual subscriptions and FREE UPDATES

How Facebook Auto Reply works:

Facebook poster step 1 Add and authorize your Facebook accounts. For each account, the script will automatically import your fan pages
Facebook poster step 3 Create your predefined replies. The saved messages can contain plain text, links or images
Facebook poster step 4 Create your Facebook autoresponder campaigns: choose the Facebook account, the fan page and the message list to use
Facebook poster step 4 Select the autoresponder running hours and the autoresponder type: reply to private messages or to fan page comments
Facebook poster step 5 DONE! Each 3 minutes, the script will check all your fan pages and it will auto reply new comments and private messages